New Fragrance, Pucker Up!


I love lemons, the more tart the better and when it comes to all things lemon, I love a good pucker.  So when asked to make a lemon fragrance I used every part of the lemon from the leaves to the seeds.


Pucker Up! Is a citrus perfume that boldly says "Pucker up! Biatch, I’m here! I’m cheer! Get used to it!"


Fragrance notes of freshly grated lemon zest, pulpy lemon juice, and crisp lemon leaves, tempered with freshly picked summer flowers and light summer musk make

Pucker up the perfect summer pick me scent. Perfect for those times when you feel, you know, not so fresh but you also want to make a statement. Besides, Pucker Up!  It’s just plain fun to say.


So, pick up your bottle today and help me pay my rent!