Flaws and All

When I first decided that perfume making was something I wanted to do for a living, nobody believed I could be successful at it. I got negative feedback ranging from why should we purchase your fragrances when we can go to the mall and buy designer fragrances to there is too much competition and you will never be successful. To further complicate things every new fragrance I designed people used as a room spray. I felt discouraged, defeated and overwhelmed.


It was during this time that I decided, I would learn everything I could about making fragrances as I was determined to be a success. I decided rather than hide my mistakes, failures and flaws; I would celebrate them. So rather than solely showcasing carefully curated product photos and images on my Facebook page, I decided to document my journey and the experiences of transitioning my hobby into a full-fledged business.


I am not afraid or ashamed of my journey. When I look back at where I started in comparison to where I am now, I am reminded that I wanted to quit so many times along the way and if I had given into those feelings I would have never discovered what I could become.


Lesson learned: Never let me feelings or my fear have a deciding vote on my future.