Chocolate Wasted

Chocolate wasted was a limited edition fragrance released in 2015 as part of the Haught Chocolates collection. I only created 20 bottles of this fragrance and after our good friend Steven at Redolessence fragrance reviews did a house spotlight, we sold all 20 bottles.  (Check him out he’s amazing,



After the unexpected and overwhelming success of Chocolate Wasted, I did have enough of the chocolate Accord to create 50 more bottles of this decadent perfume for the San Francisco Artisan Chocolate and Fragrance salon and all 50 bottles sold in the first 3 hours.


The Good news is Chocolate wasted has not been discontinued! It will be available again in mid-September as part of the Modern Collection.  I really do wish I could make this product available again more quickly however the chocolate accord used to make this fragrance includes a tincture made from criollo cocoa beans which takes 8-10 months to fully mature.


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