Haught (pronounced Hot) Parfums

Weird, Whimsical and Wonderful

I have never been one to follow tradition. I am an artist. I conform to my faith and my passion for creative expression.  I will never apologize for my irreverent regard for cultural norms and social rules.

I have always been perceived as strange, weird and awkward and over time I have grown to embrace this perception and celebrate my uniqueness. This self-awakening so to speak has fueled my vision for Haught Parfums.

Though I do love fragrance and creating new perfumes, my vision behind creating a fragrance house was not inspired solely by my narcissistic need for creative expression.  I founded Haught Parfums on four main principals:

  • Create unique and beautiful fragrances experiences, using the finest ingredients available.
  • Offer High-quality luxury fragrances that don’t cost upwards of $250 dollars for a 50 ml bottle.
  • Use as many sustainable recycled materials and packaging that is as minimalistic as possible.
  • Celebrate the uniqueness of those viewed as weird and awkward by mainstream society.